Wednesday, August 10th 2022

Author iconThe Notion Club Papers - an Inklings blog
Bruce Charlton

The Wizards/ Istari were incarnated Maia (angelic spirits) who were sent to Middle Earth in about the thousandth year of the Third Age to resist Sauron. They were five in number: Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, Radagast the Brown and two Blue Wizards named Alatar and Pallando.

Most of what we know of the ...

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Thursday, July 28th 2022

Author iconSecret Fire
John Fitzgerald


David Jones, The Resurrection of Christ (The Martin Tinney Gallery)There are a host of writers and thinkers down the ages who have focused on one or both of the dual themes of this Substack project - the return of the King and the re-sacralisation of the West. In my first essay, for instance, I ...

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Wednesday, July 13th 2022

Secret Fire

Thursday, June 16th 2022

Author iconNo Longer Reading
Kevin McCall

On a post by Wm Briggs, about artificial intelligence, a commenter with the monniker "ItsAllBullshit" writes: "AI is a smoke screen for what they really want to do, control who works where. If you are familiar with the way that algorithms work, you will understand that AI today is simply an inefficient ...

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Wednesday, June 15th 2022

Author iconFourth Gospel First
Wm Jas Tychonievich

Jesus is preaching in the Temple at the Feast of Tabernacles. The people of Jerusalem have cast doubt on his Messianic claims because "we know this man whence he is: but when Christ cometh, no man knoweth whence he is" (John 7:27).[28] Then cried Jesus in the temple as he taught, saying, "Ye both know me, and ye know ...

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Monday, May 23rd 2022

Tuesday, May 10th 2022

Author iconOwen Barfield blog
Bruce Charlton

I am currently re-reading various Owen Barfield works, including What Coleridge Thought (1971); which had a massive impact when I last read it in 2016. This reading led eventually to my still current metaphysical system (based on the eternal existence of Beings).

Both in 2016 and now, I gave the fullest and most ...

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Friday, April 22nd 2022

Sunday, March 27th 2022

Author iconThe Magician's Table: Tarot and synchromysticism
Wm Jas Tychonievich


In my last post, I mentioned that Sirius and Procyon -- possibly represented by the two dogs or jackals on the Moon card -- form a triangle with a third very bright star, Betelgeuse.

Betelgeuse is red, and the moon is also mostly red in many Tarot de Marseille decks. Could the "moon" actually be ...

Sunday, February 13th 2022

Author iconBrief Outlines
Amadeus Bodenstein

Materialists will maintain that we can derive morality from scientific facts and reason.

In response to this claim, one need only ask them one simple question - what is their scientific reason to go on living? If they are true to their beliefs about human motives, they will explain how the motive to go on living is ...

Saturday, January 1st 2022

Author iconWinking Back from the Dark: A blog about Whitley Strieber
Wm Jas Tychonievich

The Key (originally self-published in 2001; I quote from that edition) is Whitley Strieber's account of his conversation with a mysterious man he met in Toronto on June 6, 1998. Near the beginning of their conversation (p. 13), the man -- given by Strieber the rather grandiose title Master of the Key -- says that the ...

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Wednesday, September 1st 2021

Author iconWilliam Arkle - Theologian, Mystic, Philosopher, Painter
Bruce Charlton

Reincarnation seems to imply (if not to entail) the eternal primacy of spirit life (unembodied, 'pure' spirit) above incarnation (embodiment).

That is; with reincarnation Men are primarily - first and last - spirit forms; and the history of a Man's being begins with being-a-spirit and ends with being-a-spirit. ...

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Monday, April 20th 2020

Author icon Albion Awakening
William Wildblood

John Fitzgerald and I have compiled a book from our posts on the Albion Awakening blog and Bruce Charlton has written an introduction for it.


The paperback version can be found here.

for the UK market

and here for the American market. ...